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Call or email with questions or for pics. New site is under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience and poor timing prior to Waterfowl Season. The new Website will be coming soon. It has been a busy Summer season building boats. The influx of new orders for duck season means, expect a minimum 4 week turn-around. Thanks. - Derek 9/14/16


     Hellbender Duck Boats are efficient and lightweight. Pure-utility boats, they are tough, stable and stealthy. Designed for manual-power there is no better boat double end duck boat. Hellbender incorporates all the traits you want in a small lightweight boat. A perfect tool for  Waterfowlers that want to reach those far off places quietly and with ease. No blunt ends to hang up in weeds or debris, and easy to stack. No clumsy keel designs or extra weight to carry. Whether in transport, lifting, or paddling these are the easy to handle user friendly boats. 


     Our designs are from an era when man-power and working to get back into the best spots wasn't given a second thought. They're a purposefully made to be good at everything, and poor at nothing. For calm backwaters, marshes, and ponds they leave nothing to be desired and have no superfluous qualities.